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Ares II can easily compete with DACs in the $1000-1500 range

Audiophilia Star Component Award

"The Denafrips Ares II is a pretty incredible value at $750 (S$1028), it is a no-frills device with tank-like build quality and a natural analog sound signature that will please many digital-skeptics. A lot has been made about this DAC’s ability to punch above its weight, and I do think it sounds better than many competing units in and above its price bracket. I do not think the label ‘giant killer’ is very useful however, as I have yet to hear a piece of gear this term applies to without generous hyperbole. Realistically, I think the Ares II can easily compete with DACs in the $1000-1500 range, and for many audiophiles this should make it very appealing. "

Full Review:

Special Thanks: MICHAEL JOHNSON @ Audiophilia




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