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Ares 12th-1 is a class-leading DAC in its price segment

Ares 12th-1 is a fantastic DAC, and I am extremely impressed with the sound quality, i.e., clarity, detail, sound stage and warm tonality. My silver version is extremely well made with solid build quality and good connectivity.

The user interface is very simple and a simple case of --> set it and forget it! In my opinion, Ares 12th-1 is a class-leading DAC in its price segment, and I have been enjoying the music ever since I received the DAC. Even in my modest setup, the improvement in sound quality after its addition is just amazing. I am eagerly waiting for my ProAC D2R speakers to be added to the chain and I am sure that I will be "Wowed" by its performance.

To top it all, the team at Vinshine, Alvin and Annie, have been very supportive and delivered exceptional customer experience. Thank you, to the wonderful people and for an excellent product!

Best regards,

Gamal N. @ Saudi Arabia





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