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Amazing performance at very reasonable price.

Hello Alvin:

Here is my preliminary feedback of using Ares II. As a context, my system includes : Hegel H190 amp with an internal Dac which is now replaced by Ares II, B&W 702 s2 (excellent speakers at its price range although its high frequencies appear too forward to my taste), KEF Kube 12 subwoofer (not frequently used).

Findings so far on the impacts of Ares II ( in OS slow mode ) on the sound quality of my system:

  • warmer, more engaging, more natural

  • very importantly : the high frequencies are smoother, less forward! This suits well my taste.

As a result, long listening sessions are more pleasant.

  • it seems less detailed when listening to big classical orchestras with many instruments. Minor issue though, I am willing to trade off with the the high frequencies improvement as mentioned above.

Other aspects worth mentioning :

  • excellent support that you have provided on the shipping process and the various technical queries. Your customer service is la leading example for the industry. Keep up the great work

  • Ares II is very well built.

  • The differences of NOS, OS slow, OS sharp on sound characteristics appear very subtle at least to my ears.

In summary: very happy user of Ares II. Amazing performance at very reasonable price.

Credit: Tien Nguyen @ Belgium





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