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A very musical DAC

Dear Vinshine,

My Denafrips Ares II is working flawlessly, it gets its signal from a raspberry pi 4 over USB with volumio taking its files off my NAS.

The DAC is instantly recognized by Volumio and will play anything from MP3 to DSD without breaking a sweat. Sound quality is discussed all over the web and youtube; I don't think there is much to add there.

All I can say is that they are all right; wonderful analogue sound, good imaging, and in general just a very musical DAC. Of course my Willsenton R800i (805A tubes) is adding to the magic, but they work very well together.

The ordering process on your site was easy and informative, i was kept up to speed per mail during shipment frequently (destination: Netherlands).

OK Covid got logistics a bit worked up but still it was delivered on my doorstep in about 3 weeks time, not bad at all!

Musical greetings and take care,

Felix @ Netherlands





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