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A truly deep, resonant and rich presentation.

I received the Pontus 2 yesterday and the first thing I noticed was the amazing packaging and protection - double boxed and reinforced boxes with inner polystyrene protection. Amazing.

The decice build construction is superior to every other component I own. The thing seems to be carved out of a single billet of aluminium. Really high end and it puts European and American build quality in perspective.

A girgeous, minimalist display with a nice tactile sensation when clicking the modes. The reddish leds are a change from the usual blue. They are discrete and attractive little pinpoint lights. Oresent but not obtrusive.

But now onto sound - I am first and foremost and analogue listener. Although I am only warming up this DAC and it will need another hundred or so hours to really burn in, I can already say the sound and presentation are as good as a Linn LP12 setup which cost 5 times more. A truly deep, resonant and rich presentation. Not as analytical or angular as Chord - but an entirely different sound signature. I love it and I am now considering how to further build out my system based on Denafrips gear.

Finally, the service and communication from Annie and Alvin at Vinshine should be a lesson to larger companies in how to keep customers involved and engaged through the process.

100% love it. Thank you.

Credit: William C. @ The Netherlands





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