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A new experience of enjoyment with the Denafrips ARES II.

Attached are pictures of my system. Electronics are on shelves in a closet so are not very photogenic. Speaker arrangement looks better. Involved in the audio hobby for over 40 years.

Very recently replaced all electrolytic capacitors in the M505 amp, C-21 preamp, Yamaha EQ, and Onkyo Control Center with Nichicon audio grade capacitors. Rebuilt the ST 70 Amp upgrading with VTA Octal board, Gold Lion KT77 output tubes.

Rebuilt the Tannoy Eyris DC3 crossovers using Erse air core inductors, Erse and CDE 940C capacitors, and Kiwame resistors. Those modifications brought the Tannoy speakers to life. In stock condition the sound was accurate, but clinical. Also, using a couple open baffle subwoofers that are still a work in progress.

I believe all the upgrades performed, particularly crossovers, brought the system performance to a level that could reveal just how good the Denafrips ARES II DAC really is. Individual instruments are more clearly and accurately defined, even those at low volume level previously obscured as an unidentifiable background sound. Vocals are nicely a little more forward as part of a wider and deeper listening experience. The most unexpected positive attribute of the Denafrips ARES II is the amount of texture and tone in the bass. The lowest lows are felt without overpowering mid and upper bass. Tracks from Mammal Hands, Keiko Matsui, Ray Charles, Jennifer Warnes, Eva Cassidy, and Chris Stapleton are a new experience of enjoyment with the Denafrips ARES II.

Best Regards,

Jim G. @ US





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