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A big big miss if they have not tried out Denafrips yet

I have to admit the combination of Denafrips Terminator Plus and Denafrips GAIA DDC bringing me lots lots of surprise from the first minute they were put into my system. I would call them the real game changer duo. I can immediately tell the more and brighter transparent sound along with the warmth and softness. This is a big leap forward of what I have been thru so far. The sync of the clock between the two really makes the music play the way it should be. I am sure if anyone have tried this duo out will never forget how well they can deliver.

It was a big challenge for a new no-name company to stand up and dedicated to produce such a wonderful DAC and so on and making such a big impact. Big big credit should also been given to Vinshine and Alvin who taking care clients, and most importantly is building trust among clients. Vinshine made me feel like spending huge amount of money not thru the dealer, but they have been following up closely, response immediately.. not feeling like having to purchase from abroad at all.

Anyone loves listening to good and real music... it is going to be a big big miss if they have not tried out Denafrips yet .. that is the shortest message I can say.

My system:

  • Speaker : Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversary

  • DAC : Denafrips Terminator - Plus

  • CD transport : Jay’s Audio cdt2-mk2

  • Streamer : Aurender ACS10

  • Amplifier: Leben cs600x

  • DDC : Denafrips GAIA DDC

  • Network switch : SOtM SNH-10G

Credit: Tanatip @ Thailand



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