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Double Award - Ares II & Pontus DAC

Double award in a single review, first time in the 6moons review history?

ARES II DAC - Realsization Award

"Realsization takes standards educated by exposure to the best of audio and investigates how much money can be saved while maintaining the essence of ultra performance."

Excerpts from reviews:

Let's try to refine the picture for Ares II. The comparison to a high-quality 2A3 SET is still spot on. Ares II has that luscious sweet midrange you'd expect, with a sunny treble to illuminate the soundstage without putting anything in a harsh light. It doesn't quite have the ephemeral lightness of a 45 SET but far more robust bass and it avoids the bloat and slowness of lesser 300B amps.

PONTUS DAC - Blue Moon Award

Excerpts from reviews:

That's where Pontus came in. Take all the qualities of Ares II, then add the next level of definition, transient sharpness and overall refinement. The effect is quite striking. Envision a picture that had some low-level details obscured. Suddenly a light from within reveals those missing details. It doesn't make tone colors paler. There's no bleaching, no undue sharpness or glare. It's indeed the same picture, just with more information. With Pontus you hear bigger space, room echoes that lack with Ares II, musicians breathing. You gain a more organic impression because real life has many of those little parasitic sounds that only are noticed when stripped out but which contribute to the live feel.

Review by: Frederic Beudot

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