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Very tonally rich, fluid, dense with beautiful timbre.

Dear Alvin,

Some thoughts on the Terminator that I received two weeks ago. It is running non-stop for around 300h now.

First impressions were already very good. But it is still improving.

My configuration:

Qobuz trough two Cisco switches in cascade into Innuos Zen Mk3 as a server+streamer playing directly via USB in the Denafrips Terminator, via xlr to the Audia Flight Fl3s amplifier and Suesskind Audio Progress LX speakers.

The sound very detailed, very airy and delicate. With beautiful heights, Very deep and controlled bass. Very transparent and spacious and Impressive dynamics.

AND at the same time also very tonally rich, fluid, dense with beautiful timbre.

This tour the force of reuniting usually opposite qualities is for me the most impressive trait of the Terminator.

It serves the Music. Fantastic machine!

Credit: Caspar from Paris, France


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