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  • David N.

What makes the music so real?

Hi Alvin,

My system consists of MagnaHifi Mano Ultra streamer-> I2S Terminator DAC, Elekit TU8800 and Klipsch Forte iii, KGST amp and Stax L700, Bottlehead Crack-a-two-a and Sennheiser HD800.

The Terminator arrived 2 weeks ago and it is getting better and better. It is a step up my previous DAC. Low frequencies go very low, they are articulate not boomy at all and the highs are very delicate, soft but very detailed.

Quite stunning to get so much details with so soft highs, like in a concert after all. What makes the music so real are the absolutely great dynamics and I am very sensitive to the dynamics because I think it is often the difference between live and recorded music.

No need to say I am very very happy listening to music with the Terminator. Thank you very much for your kindness.

David (Owner of the Terminator DAC)


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