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Who Are We? DENAFRIPS explained.

DENAFRIPS was incorporated in 2012, located in a beautiful city Guangzhou, China - where many other high-end audio manufacturing are located.

We are the designer (own the design rights), and the manufacturer of all the products in-house, in a 15,000 square foot facility in Panyu, Guangzhou.

We focused in developing high-end audio equipment at a very competitive price. We do not believe in high-end equipment necessarily associated with a high price tag. Throughout the years, we have accumulated solid customer base and proved ourselves. The product speak for itself - proven by the large number of positive owners' feedback and professional reviews all over the world.

Our team has grown from just a 5 man company to now a 40-50 employees enterprise, thank you for the great support, this means a lot to us. We leveraged our knowledge and experiences in the digital and analog domains, expanded our products line from four(4) DACs to now thirteen(13!) in total. Today, we have CDT, DDC, DAC, Preamp, Power Amp, Headamp, all developed in-house.

Founder & Owner: Mr Zhao

Electronics Engineers: Mr Mo, Mr Luo

Software Engineer: Mr Wu

QAQC: Mr Yu, Mr Feng

Production Team: 30 persons

Global Sales, Marketing & Distribution: Vinshine Audio Pte Ltd (Singapore)

We are one of the rare company that does everything (almost!) in-house. This differentiate ourselves from the rest of the brands in the market. The strong manufacturing capabilities enabled us to have full control of the product quality, cost and schedule. These translate to reduced cost and savings, of which are reflected in the competitive product price tag.

We manufacture:

  1. Aluminium chassis - 90% of the parts are manufactured in house, from CNC machining of raw aluminium blocks to anodize and final finishing.

  2. Power Transformers - Yes, we make our own o-core transformer using OCC copper and copper shielding.

  3. Products design - 100% in-house

  4. PCB - The green little printed circuit boards are outsourced

  5. Assembly of each and every products - 100% in-house

  6. QAQC - 100% in-house

The production cycle involves:

  1. Sourcing team to purchase the components from the reputable suppliers (RSComponent, Element14, or directly from the components manufacturers).

  2. Once the components arrived in the factory, the production team categorize them into batches, get them prepared to send for SMD soldering mass production.

  3. The SMD mass production takes approx 5-7 working days.

  4. Once the SMD soldered PCB returned to the factory, the production team assemble it with the larger parts like capacitors, connectors etc

  5. Each assembled PCB will go through a first round of QAQC test includes visual check, power on to measure the parameters (THD%, SN Ratio, Frequency Response, etc). At this point in time, the PCB that does not meet specification will be rejected, and the good PCB will proceed to assembly into the chassis, along with the AC transformer

  6. Burn in of 100hrs starts

  7. Prior shipment, a comprehensive QAQC test with Audio Precision APX525 will be performed to ensure the measurements meet the requirements.

  8. On top of the measurement test, listening test of all supported sampling rate of PCM44.1-PCM1536, DSD64-DSD1024 will be performed via all input interfaces (USB/SPDIF/I2S).

  9. Final visual check of the assembly and chassis will be done prior packing. As part of the continuous improvement, we have implemented serial number for each unit shipped.

  10. Packages will be handed to courier agent for shipping to the rest of the world. We ship via world-best courier DHL/Fedex/UPS (unless customers specify to use other courier agency).

ARES II DAC Production

Audio Precision Measurements


Noise Level

Frequency Response

Output Level Vrms

Who Are We? DENAFRIPS explained.

Many thanks.

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