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  • Joël Chevassus

Audiophile-Magazine: Grand Frisson Award 2019

"In other words, Denafrips gives a lot for the asking price. In this price range, I have not heard anything better yet, and the performance of the Terminator is simply remarkable!

It is all the more so as it has stood up against this benchmark to prestigious competitors in a much higher price range. Indeed, at no time, the Terminator has really left behind or could pass for a machine of lower category. No, on the contrary, it has positioned itself as a credible alternative to all these much more expensive converters.

The performance of the Denafrips DAC as an R2R converter is even more amazing. It is among the R2R DAC that I could have listened to and tested so far, one of the most dynamic and lifelike. How much money can you put on the table at MSB or Totaldac to get that level of listening pleasure? Undoubtedly a considerable amount, which will be unreasonable, even inaccessible for the vast majority of the audiophile community.

Indeed, the choice to opt for a ladder DAC remains a bias. There is a vintage sound signature, or at least very soft, and dynamic capabilities that can not compete with the best current conversion chips. This is the price to pay for this particular sound that is better suited to a listening contemplative type that participatory.

But again, the balance obtained by Denafrips is really excellent for this type of converter. At this price, it was unexpected and the new version Terminator well deserves his Grand Frisson. Well done ! "

Credit: Joël Chevassus, Editor of

Yours Sincerely,



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