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Warning: Grey Market Products

Hello guys,

Thank you for your support throughout the years. It's coming to 3 years since we established and expanded the business globally. It was you who supported our business that keep us alive and growing.

It has come to our attention that some customers had mistakenly bought our products from the grey market sellers.

Please be informed that we do not have any other sales channel except for Vinshine Audio Singapore and their partners listed in the website.

Products sold from unauthorized sources like eBay/AliExpress/Amazon do not carry a warranty from us. We cannot guarantee the unauthorized sources product origin, whether it is previously used, refurbished or counterfeit. The product may not be as described and/or performed as per the product listing. Please purchase from the authorized source Vinshine Audio. All products are shipped in DENAFRIPS original packaging with warranty support. If you are in doubt, please reach out to us.

Say no to Grey Market Products!

Thank you.



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