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HIFI Einsnull: Terminator DAC Review

"Low tuned Guitars give transport and DAC the necessary weight on the way, but do not seem cumbersome,but just deliver rich sound, when needed. Generally is the game thanks to the Ladder DACs and the I²S transmission pleasant off. CDs get a wide soundstage with beautiful depth graduation. Also details there are aplenty, straight fine in treble put the combi wonderful around. Against the dark background components are doing well and are shown very vividly. Ultimately, I have my inner urge for hiRes but give way and deliver the Terminator with High bit signals from the network. Again, the DAC offers what is already at the CD playback showed.

High precision, good space and a differentiated representation. Disable the NOS mode, the room seems a little less off. In return, get mids and heights a little more contour. Here it is personal taste that decides how to work the DENAFRIPS Terminator. CDT2 and Terminator fit wonderfully together and do too a great figure in itself. The transport shows the benefits of the last 30 years in CD/Red Book, and the elaborate Ladder DAC offers high quality source devices one great platform to get bits again to become music."

Reviewed By: Philipp Schneckenburger


German Review: Download

Translated By: HEADquater Audio

English Translated Review: Download

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