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Blue Moon Award 2019

"To recap and very much like the flagship Denafrips Terminator DAC, the Hestia preamp and Hyperion amplifier emphasize rich tone, macrodynamic swing and organic textures over extreme detail, explicit treble and speed. As such, they pack things which have some people look at tubes. Here you also get absentee noise, real drive into reactive loads and excellent bass control to be less limited in your selection of loudspeakers."

6moons Editor: Srajan Ebaen

Full Review:

The Blue Moon Award of the new DENAFRIPS Hestia & Hyperion marks a milestone and a good start of the year 2019. We would like to thank you for your kind support for the past years. We are committed and determined to do even better this year, and many more years to come.

Thank you guys!


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