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Just over a year ago on head-fi, I read some comments on these DENAFRIPS DAC R2R in which Claudio and a Russian were exchanging information on a little Ares. it's a best-buy they said, I did not think about it a lot and I decided to buy the Ares DAC.

My first after listening to the Northstar Excelsio and an Auralic Vega, neither of them stayed in my system.

A few months later I went to the Pontus. It’s good, but it did not make me cry out for the miracle I wanted more, I could not resist but upgraded to the Terminator.

After only 10 hours of running-in, I was completely convinced. The first impact compared to the Pontus were the voices. It’s clear, without grain, absolutely natural, it seems that the singer is standing; whereas in comparison, on the Pontus, it seemed to me the singer is seated, backward, but with the Terminator, the singer is singing in the house for my joy.

Today I placed it better and still has a magnificent, yet cold, detail. The power and vitality that gives the music is exciting. I was looking for a step forward and the Terminator was.

I cannot turn down the volume, it is the same to which I have always listened during the day, but the room is filled with new information, not so much micro ... I'm having fun like never before, going from one record(disc) to another!

A big thank you to Alvin Chee and his warranty service. For those who had some doubts about the seriousness of Vinshine Audio, the first Pontus received had a small defect of the factory or possibly due to the shipping & transport (like many other products of big brands, to me, had happened with Audia Flight and Bryston) and was promptly replaced.

I go back to listening to good music 😎 with a smile on my face. I think of neighbors tomorrow.

Credit: Nicola De Feo @ DENAFRIPS Facebook Group

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