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I just hooked up the Terminator last week and only have a few hours on it but have already started to explore my "go-to" tracks and finding depth and detail I hadn't heard before.

The Terminator's sound is on the warm side of neutral, kind of like my analog rig (Rega P2 with Dynavector 10x5 MC cartridge), has a much wider and deeper soundstage than my previous DAC, the Gungnir MB, and has absolutely no sibilance.

I listened to a variety of tracks, from Peter Gabriel "Games without Frontiers" and "Biko", to the entire Dhur Dhura "Adventures in Afropea 2" album, to Radiohead's dreamy "A Moon Shaped Pool". For Classical I threw in Mahler's 4th Symphony with Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony and Leonard Shure's spectacular performance of Schubert's Piano Sonata in C minor. Most were streaming via Roon/HQPlayer or Audirvana via Ultrarendu/Singxer SU-1 but the Schubert was from the Cambridge CXC Transport.

Every single piece drew me in and had me engaged with the performances. Hearing little details that I hadn't noticed before enhanced the listening experience but never took away from the connection to the overall performance.

My system is fairly modest by audiophile standards, but the combination of the Terminator with it's sources, the Sugden A21 Signature Pure Class A amp and Tekton Electron speakers (smaller version of Double Impacts) makes pretty remarkable music in my listening room, which doubles as the family's living room!

Next up is a short isolation platform to put under the Terminator.

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