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TERMINATOR sound test by Seungyun Lee @ Japan

Amplifier : Yamaha A-2000 (Integrated Amplifier) Speaker : JBL 4312SE (70th Anniversary Model) DAC : Denafrips Terminator (R2R DAC) Player : Aurender N100H Recording : iPhoneX with Shure MOTIV MV88

First Impression:

"... when I hear Terminator, I firstly feel that the depth of the sound is quite different and its great delicacy. Also I can continuously listen to the music without any tiredness or fatigues. So my simple word for the first impression of Terminator DAC was "very deep and clear with great musical fidelity”. I need to run more but It looks like that the DAC drives the amplifiers and speakers to the maximum performance. "

Watch it on Vimeo.

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