1. Press Setup button once (enter setting mode)

2. Press OPT button twice

3. CLOCK light should be on/off as you press the OPT button momentarily

4. CLOCK light on = enable clock in

5. To confirm the setting, press Setup button once

DENAFRIPS Terminator II/Plus Clock Out setting

1. Press Mute button to engage mute/setting mode

2. Press Input- button momentarily multiple times. You will see the LED light up in the following sequence as you press/release the Input- button

  • COAX (No clock output)

  • AES1 (44.1K/48K)

  • AES2 (24/25Mhz) <- for Soundaware

  • OPT (45/49Mhz) <- for GAIA

  • I2S-A (Clock out disable, note that CLOCK LED will be off too)

I²S Pinout Configuration

1. Select I²S-A Input

2. Press the Mute button once to enter configuration mode

3. Press the Phase button momentarily, 1X 2X 4X will turn on/off in a fixed pattern to denote binary 000-111​

4. Wait for 10s

5. DAC back in operational mode 

Suggestion of I²S Matching with the source, i.e. DDC/Transport/Streamer

1. Connect the i2s cable
2. Turn down the volume (minimal)
3. Play a familiar music (PCM first, followed by DSD)
4. Run through the i2s setting of the DAC, 000-111
5. One of the modes should match with the source for both PCM and DSD playback.

It's recommended to go through the Audio Tone Test to make sure the L/R channel, in phase/out of phase correctness.

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