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this was my attraction to the Ares II

Alvin - I have a couple systems but find myself listening to music the most in the bedroom.

Over 60 and flew for a fair amount of time, my ears may not be the best. I still feel the music as much as anyone and this was my attraction to the Ares II. I have had several Wadia players and DACs. I can honestly say the Ares II comes the closest to and exceeds the Wadia 32X which for me was my favorite. I have a buddy who did most the repairs here in Atlanta for the higher end esoteric manufacturers, he modified a Xiang Sheng DA 05B II for me. I love it but there is no doubt the Ares II accomplishes what the modified 05B II was attempting and exceeds it. For me it’s like cigars and wine (sorry to drag on) but what’s so special about finding a great $100 cigar or $350 bottle of wine…the magic is the affordable cigar or wine that exceeds your expectations and is better than the more expensive stuff.

Again the bedroom system is a humble one. I am blessed to have a wife who allows me to still enjoy the hobby. I have a Marantz Model 30 and the new JBL HDI 1600 speakers. Eventually I want to pair the Ares II with my Sony F808ES which is still my favorite piece I have. Hope this helps. With the quality of this product, the sound out of the box and the unbelievable speed in which it arrived…you definitely have exceeds my expectations. A rare and welcome thing indeed these days. Keep the faith and stay safe. Dan @ Georgia USA





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