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Review of the new v1.4 firmware for my Pontus II.

My system is extremely reveling with solid state electronics and horn loaded speakers. I recently updated the firmware on my Pontus II to the recently released v1.4 firmware. Here's what I heard:

If I had one word to describe the sound, it would be "Romantic". It is smooth and effortlessly open. The music fills my space and my speakers disappear. The sound has a rich, warm tone that is intoxicating. It's the kind of experience that makes you forget you're listening to electronics and allows you to just focus on the music. Close your eyes and be transported to the live event or recording session. Isn't that what it's all about?

I'm hearing resolution and palpability that I've never heard in my system before. Instruments breathe and have a real flesh and bone quality. Vocals give me goosebumps with the realism I'm hearing. Bass is powerful and accurate. Highs are extended and clean. I have a very nice analog setup but haven't had the urge to use it. That says a lot about modern digital playback. We've reached a new level in digital audio.

Hope this helps!

Ed Padden

Michigan, USA




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