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I am glued to my listening chair.

I started with the purchase of the Venus II and was pleasantly surprised with the build-quality of the device and the sound of this DAC. Naturalness and dept of the instruments are very good.

Last month, my 8 years old integrated tube amp of a famous tubeamp brand had to be repaired for the third time. I decided this time not to send it back for servicing (again) and to wait for several months before i get it back.

So with the sound quality of the Venus II in mind, i knew that i had to look at Vinshine Audio.

I decided to go for the Kinki Studio EX-M7 stereo power amp.

I had some doubts to decide between the Kinki Studio EX-P7 preamp and the Denafrips ATHENA preamp. Alvin explained me the difference between those preamps.

I purchased the Denafrips ATHENA.

After setting everything up, i was blown away. Without burning in, there was already a big soundstage.

The EX-M7 has a tight grip on my speakers, bass is fast and deep. Kinki Studio and Denafrips seems to be a very good match.

Now, when i start ROON and select shuffle music, I am glued to my listening chair. My wife has to remind me several times that it is time to go to sleep.

Kris S. @ Belgium





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