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'have you heard Michael's stereo; it is so real'

The presentation from the Ares II and Audiolab transport rivals or exceeds vinyl playback through my Rega Planar 8 w/Apheta 3 and Herron VTPH 2A tube phono. What you have done on a budget with this device is just stunning.

My girlfriend, who couldn't care less about machines (unless it's her Porsche SUV) excitedly tells visitors to our home: 'have you heard Michael's stereo; it is so real'. I was listening to Keith Jarrett's 'My Song' CD this morning, and there is a passage near the end of the first cut where Jarrett makes this tinkling, bell-like sound for a few bars with the right hand. For a second, I found myself visualizing bells suspended in the air.

Well done!

Credit: Michael P. @ New Jersey, United States



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