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Firmware Updated: WOW! What a difference!

WOW! What a difference!

I expected improvement with this firmware upgrade, but not even near the performance it delivered.

This upgrade is so substantial that I have a feeling that I inserted totally different DAC altogether!

Everything got better – illusion of space, level of detail and presence of instruments and voices.. Bass notes got deeper and faster. Before, voices were coming from the mouth, but voices are now projected from the actual body of a person, and you can feel that person in front of you along with the room they sit on. The sense of space is just overwhelming. In the live performance of George Michael now I can hear the audience making subtle sounds and the stage extends in all directions.

And, all of this in just a quick 15mins session after the upgrade.

I am totally blown away!

Here are few photos of my main system which is constantly changing.

Current system used at the time of upgrading firmware for Ares II:

  • Tannoy Turnberry SE speakers with Aperion Audio MKII Planar Magnetic Ribbon Super Tweeters

  • Luxman L-509X main amplifier used for stereo listening and as a power amp when Marantz SR6007 is engaged for home theatre duties

  • Osborn T15 & T12 subwoofers

  • Bluesound Node 2i used for streaming Tidal and playing flac files locally

  • EAT C-Major turntable with Ortafon Quintet Blue cartridge

  • Nordost cabling

In my other system I also have Denafrips Hades and Thallo amplification which is just amazing considering that the Luxman is so much more expensive but not that far from Denafrips amp combo. Actually, Hades and Thallo combo have beefier sound and more 3D sound stage..

Thank you very much for looking after your existing customers. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Warm regards,

Hil G. @ Australia

Project x FPGA Firmware Update


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