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Ares opened a new level of experience

Dear Alvin,

I´m happy to support you due to the great service & product your company provided to me.

For my gear setup, the Denafrips Ares 2 found a new home as audiophile source, feed by a Lenovo Laptop with Audirvana installed playing music from Qobuz. Via cinch cable from Oehlbach it sends the signal to my T+A R 1220R integrated amplifier which is abused as pre-amp.

As power amplifier I got my hands on a T+A A3000 to have a suitable amplification for my Audio Physic Avanti 5 standfloor speakers, connected by T+A Speaker 8 cables. As a CD source a T+A CD 1220R is linked to the pre-amp via Mogami cable and via TosLink optical cable to the Denafrips Ares. In addition there is a Denon turntable with integrated phono amplification. For power supply there is a Supra power bar with DC filtering and RFI filter, and shielded power cables by Supra and Oehlbach. Some Basotech absorbers helping with room accustics.

But this is just to describe the environment the Ares was included. Before I bought the Ares I had an Audioengine B1 as "DAC" for streaming via AdaptX HD. So what can I say, the Ares opened a new level of experience of detailing, precision & building effortless a wide and deep soundstage. I spend hours / nights relistening to my favorit albums again and again, finding new details, experiencing a new quality of the recordings.

I was not sure on how big the improvement by updating a DAC would be, having seen various YouTube reviews, I decided to give it a try with the Ares R2R ladder DAC, which should suit my hearing preferences most. I´m impressed, I had not expected such an improvement in sound quality. And the question is good it could improve further? Maybe: I will be back...

Best regards, stay healthy, keep on innovating and helping people to disclose how good music can sound and feel.

Oliver M. @ Germany



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