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Ares II is really shining

I am glad I asked your opinion. Jriver is really a good programme and I managed to get the settings I needed for managing my libraries.

[Windows OS Setup Guide]

The sound is indeed very good. I think the music has more ‘presence’. Together with the fact I now can finally play dsd files, the Ares II is really shining.

Here are two pictures of my hifi setup:

  • Loudspeakers Tannoy D900 Rosewood

  • NAIM Supernait 2

  • Denafrips Ares II

  • Jitterbugs

  • Windows 10 64 bit with Jriver remote controlled through Anydesk and Jremote2

  • Custom made speaker cables

  • Custom made power cable coming directly from the fuse box

In two or three years I might upgrade to the new Denafrips DAC. It is addictive

Very happy with your service. Thank you!

Credit: Rudie V @ The Netherlands



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