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An excellent DAC, especially at its price point.


I want to give you some feedback on the Pontus II.

Following install I popped in Rachel Lampa's "Blessed" and within seconds realized there is NO 'noise'. I did not realize how much 'noise' I have been listening to until there was no longer any 'noise' to be heard.


The clarity/resolution/presence of the music jumped out at me. Next thing I noticed was the entire 15 feet of wall space where my entertainment center is located became the sound stage: wider, higher, and deeper with a bit of a 3D affect. I also immediately noticed the mid-range and mid-level bass (lower than 60hz goes to my sub) were much more pronounced and balanced and with the elimination of 'noise' the highs were crystal clear. Even the sub sounded fuller and yet more controlled.

Next I popped in Kenny G's "Hits" and his sax filled the room without any harshness whatsoever and certain percussion affects sounded like they were coming from the side and behind my listening position, which is 17 feet from the speakers.

The sound quality is so good I popped in Kansas' "Leftoverture" and turned up the volume peaking to 97db with no distortion/harshness to the music and no discomfort to my ears. I've listened to a broad range of music over the past two days and am equally impressed with the overall enhancement of sound quality the DAC provided across all genres.

Suffice to say the Pontus II has had a major impact on my system and my listening enjoyment. It is a remarkable device. An excellent DAC, especially at its price point. Thank you (and Denafrips)! Ron B. @ USA PS: I took your advice and upgraded the power cord on my sub and on all of my amps' with Viborg cords, which I also installed on the Pontus II.





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