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Guide: BGA-DSP Upgrade


0. Unplug the power cord to power off the DAC. Wait for 2 minutes for the capacitors in the DAC to discharge completely.

1. Use Allen Key to loosen the two screws located at the rear panel, lift the top cover open

2. Identify the location of the old DSP board

3. Carefully unplug the old DSP board. Apply force evenly at the four corners of the DSP board to pull it out gently. Do not use excessive force as it may risk bending the DSP SIP socket pins.

4. Please note the DSP board uses fine gold-plated SIP socket pins. The two roles of pins have to be seated in the DAC main-board sockets firmly. Do not bend the pins.

5. Align the new DSP board onto its sockets, please note the correct orientation as shown in the following picture.

WARNING: DSP board plugged in the wrong orientation will result in irreversible damage to the DSP board.

6. Visually check the two roles of SIP sockets and pins are aligned properly.

7. Apply force evenly to plug in the new DSP board firmly.

8. Close the top cover, tighten the two screws. You're all set to go!

Thanks for reading, enjoy the music!



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