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Worthwhile move.

The 'Frips Venus II 12th is in the system. Damn this unit is heavy. As heavy as a McIntosh piece. Seems to my thin arms over 30 I think the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ may have been 6 pounds.

And the sound is solid too. Punches with authority. I was afraid it would be a lateral move and require much tweaking....but is good straight out of the box--no burn in. Only thing noticeable is mid-range seems sweeter and more liquid. HIghs maybe don't quite have the zing the Mytek gave, but with the treble adjustment I had made several days ago, cymbals etc rise above the bass. Using in non-oversampling mode.

So those folks that said 500 to 800 hours burn in is required---well I guess I just never noticed the burn in phenomenon. I'm good. Mytek is good to make its move to downtown system joining the Emotiva/Node 2i, and Elacs.

Ran through my usual 3 test tracks I play on any system change--Brubeck---Sanford and Son, Hiromi-Mr CC, and Youn Sun Nah--Enter Sandman. All are spectacular. Sanford demonstrates theimprovement in midrange presence and clarity.

Worthwhile move.

Credit: Peter K. @ Texas USA





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