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The Venus II manages to pull apart even the most complex sounds & instruments and ...

Dear Alvin,

Greetings from Madrid, Spain.

I wanted to thank you & to congratulate you for the amazing quality of the Denafrips products!

Following my inquiry below, I took the brave decision to purchase the Venus II DAC.

The box arrived in perfect condition just as I was returning home after 3 months in Tokyo (working for the Olympics)

I spent the first week on just "background" listening not paying too much attention. However, this past weekend I invested several hours on doing some focused listening of music that I love & know by heart.

The result is that... I was blown away!!

The Venus II manages to pull apart even the most complex sounds & instruments and to present them in a very rich and detailed sound without any harness, with tonality and musicality, creating a 3D sound stage with depth, air & space.

The vocals, strings and wind instruments are all so sweet & clear. The highs smooth and very precise (no loss of detail) and the bass just amazing, tight and clear! I would never believe that music reproduced from digital files could sound like this!

I'm honestly rediscovering my music library of ripped redbook CD/SACDs and high-res & DSD files. Songs and tracks that I was obviously missing their full body of sounds for decades. I finally managed to listen to Mingus' Pithecanthropous Erectus as it was meant to be heard without a moment of turning the volume knob down!

Just FYI, my very humble setup consists of a pair of BBC Harbeth LS3/5 and Yamaha NS-2000, Rotel RC/RB-1070 pre-amp & amp, Audio Space AS-8i MKII tube amp (w/ 6550 tubes), OPPO 105D, Rega RP3 turntable, and a Mac running JRiver.

The problem now is that I'm so curious on Denafrips pre-amps and power amps! I need to work on that... Thank you again for your ingenuity and for improving my musical experience so much! My best regards, Tasos





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