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The Terminator Plus is a completely different ballgame.

Hi Alvin

I have now had the Terminator Plus for some weeks, and it seems to have settled down, and do not need any more burn-in.

I was not prepared for how much impromement over my last digital source (An Accuphase DP77 CD/SACD). The Terminator Plus is a completely different ballgame. The soundstage is huge, especially the depth. There is microdetails that I have never heard on recordings I have heard hundreds of times.

And it is all delevered integrated in the music, without making it fatiguing.

The bass is deep and well controlled without boom, midrange is neutral, treble extended and the sound is deleved on a pitchblack background.

At the moment I have my Macbook Pro attached directly to the Terminator Plus, but are planning on getting a network bridge to further impove the sound.

For a many years my analog setup has been clearly better than my digital setup. But with the Terminator Plus I must admit that it rivals my analog setup, that costs more than 3 times the Terminator Plus. And even perhaps surpasses it in some cases.

So I am very pleased, and really shocked how much digital sound has improved over the last few years.


  • Loudspeakers: Kef Reference 207

  • Amplifier: Conrad Johnson 350SA

  • Pre-amplifier: Conrad Johnson ET7-S2

  • RIAA: Whestaudio PS-30RDT Special Edition Titan Spec

  • Turntable: Originlive Sovereign Mk4

  • Tonearm: Originlive Enterprise Mk3C

  • Cartridge: Ortofon Windfeld TI, Ortofon Cadenza Black, Benz LPS.

  • DAC: Terminator Plus

  • Digital Sources: Sony UBP-X800M2, Macbook Pro

  • Tape: Fostex E-2 Reel-to-reel

  • Cables: Nordost, Originlive, NLE

With regards,

Poul @ Denmark





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