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The only certain thing I can say is that it is an absolutely stellar Pre(amp)

The Denafrips Athena was delivered 12 days ago, I have already reached 80 hours of running in and the only certain thing I can say is that it is an absolutely stellar Pre and forget about its price!

On a constructive level it is simply a tank with its 15 mm front and its 18 kg of weight. The topology is full balanced and totally discrete in class A, the power supply is powerful with two sturdy toroids and a well-finished linear regulation section.

The 60-step relay attenuator is fantastic and the aluminum remote control made from a single piece of aluminum hollowed out from solid.

Returning to the performance aspects, I can say that it amazes for its naturalness, musicality, scene, separation, layering, depth and holography as well as a rigorous and realistic timbre. It also has tonal balance and control over every record-breaking parameter and delivers the best bass I have ever heard, namely elastic, articulate, extended, full-bodied, musical and granite.

Finally, it towers over both macro and micro dynamics, incredible micro contrasts and details that are delivered with absolute naturalness. I can not help but advise anyone to buy it and hurry, price to say the least crazy!

Credit: Achille @ Italy




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