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the best piece of audio equipment I have ever bought in my almost 40 years

I can honestly say, Mr. Chee, that the Denafrips Ares II DAC is the best piece of audio equipment I have ever bought in my almost 40 years of being a home hi-fi enthusiast.

I have been rediscovering all my album collection since I first installed the Ares II into my system - the difference in the overall sound of my hi-fi set-up has been remarkable. I'm hearing new depths and very controlled, precision-like top end, and a massive soundstage in every album. It's similar to having a completely new album collection as I'm hearing so much more detail in everything I have played.

I am so happy w/ your company and your amazing Customer Service - it only took 3 days to arrive in Japan from Singapore!

I have also recommended the Denafrips Ares II to all my friends and I think you can expect more sales in the coming months. (I originally come from Scotland, but have lived in Japan for 24 years; I have recommended your amazing products to my friends back home and also to friends in the U.S., Australia and Canada, too)

my most sincere thank-you's, Alvin-san! I hope that Vinshine Audio becomes more popular so that more & more hi-fi enthusiasts can hear your amazing products.

with very best wishes from Hiroshima, Japan.

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