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The Arce is a bargain for the sound it produces

I am truly enjoying the combo Arce-Terminator 1 (terminator is modified). It's very musical but I have a suggestion for future streamer models. 

I just saw your company introducing the arcas streamer. 

A step up from the already good Arce. But I don't like is this:

  • The customer is obligated to use an external (rock) NOISY (iin the signal) server with roon on it to play music. 

  • That means a switch and extra (ethernet) cables are necessary which both Influence the signal to the dac.

Before the arce I had an older i2s pink faun streamer which had two ssd Inside.. One for operating system and one for the music media.

With that I didn't need anything more and played the music locally from internal ssd. Which is proven better sounding then any external media. I tested it myself on my higher end headphonr gear (with hifiman susvara headphone) 

OK... I saw that the New Arcas also doesn't have any ssd inside and because of that u again need to use an external computer/ rock server etc. to play music from. 

So that streamer can't be upgraded for an internal ssd anymore, BUT....

I saw during your Arcas introduction YouTube clip that your company is working on an endgame streamer also..

And internal storage would be for sure an interesting option as people in the higher price ranges prefer less boxes if not needed and for sure they prefer the most pure signal as possible.. And that's through local storage. 

Almost All endgame models of every high end brand have their topmodels with internal storage (some even have the internal ssd's and streamer parts  powered by their own external (5v) power-supplies).. I used to be an audio reviewer so I did my homework.

Could you maybe implement that in that new endgame streamer you are working on? The arcas is a huge step in the right way. 

Only one little second question. Is it possible the streaming module in the arcas to be powered by an external 5v psu? It for Sure would improve the sound (as it did with my older pink faun streamer). 


Oh.. Feedback:

The Arce is a bargain for the sound it produces. Sound is full and musical and i heard details that I missed on my older streamer. 

Most people won't need any higher end streamer if they don't have the absolute best gear around it. This little streamer will satisfy any and all critical listeners. (99% of people). Very much recommended! Try it out, you won't be disappointed. 

Only two things to consider: 

1. it doesn't have any internal storage, so you need your media externally saved and for now the best and (most expensive) sounding solution is through Roon. So you have to spend extra for a good Roon server also. (preferable with Rock on it) and a good switch (Cisco Meraki) and at least (good quality) cat 7 ethernet cables (you don't need those Uber  expensive audiophile ones, just buy good brand ones) 

2. Arce only has i2s output.. Make sure u have a ddc or a dac who has i2s input (HDMI connector). 

I have added pics of my set.. My amp has the pre part being powered by batteries! (that's why the 3 cases of the amp) 

Thanks for replying. 

Best regards

Paulo C. @ The Netherlands





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