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Terminator is almost other worldly in it presentation

My new Terminator arrived today. Wow....nice packaging job!

I now have it installed into my system and I am simply blown away by how good it sounds.

I thought the Ares II sounded good...and it does....but the Terminator is almost other worldly in it presentation. The accuracy, clarity, size of sound stage...everything is just on another level entirely.

I now understand why so many reviewers have raved about it. Wow...simply stunning. It is just a brilliant piece of kit, Alvin. I am very happy with this purchase.

Some photos of my current set up.

On the rack:

  • Rega RP-6 with Ania Pro and upgraded sub platter

  • Herron Audio tube phono stage

  • Denafrips Terminator

  • Allo USBridge Signature player with Ashanti LPS

  • Rogue Audio RP-7 pre-amp

  • Rogue Audio Dark ST-100 (custom build for me by Rogue)

  • Joseph Audio Perspective2 Graphene speakers

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply

Roon Nucleus+ (across the room directly attached to the router)

Custom maple rack from Timbernation.

The Terminator is outstanding! It is a long term keeper. I am continually amazed at how transparent it sounds with great sound staging and its noise floor is simply dead quiet. Brilliant bit of kit to be sure.

Credit: Kevin M.




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