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T+ just steps out of the way of the music with a very organic neutrality

I ordered the Terminator plus after going over the intricacies of my present system with Alvin over at Vinshine audio, as I had already previously placed an order for the Jays´s CDT2-MK3 and i wanted to make sure that whatever Dac I eventually went with would be a good pairing for the Jays´s. I wanted a Dac that would have the ability to play all genres of music and not embellish the music. I received the Terminator plus after a very short wait and it arrived very quickly via DHL. I hurried home to unbox it. Anxiously I took it out of the double box and was instantly taken back by how nice the fit and finish is. I set it up in my rig and let it warm up for approximately an hour.

When I played the first song using my 100th anniversary Denon as a transport via coaxial into the T+ the first thing I noticed was how ample the soundstage had become to the left and right of the speakers. The clarity and detail that the T+ provides is excellent, but this is no lightweight. It quickly flexes its muscles if the track calls for it. The bass is very punchy and precise, no boominess or artificial flavoring to be found. Over the course of the next few days I played it constantly to quicken the break in process. As it breaks in the T+ just steps out of the way of the music with a very organic neutrality.

I have invited several friends over for extended listening sessions that know my system and test tracks quite well. All of them have remarked with how much smoother and clear the system sounds and how large the soundstage has become. I was really enjoying my T+ with the Denon as a transport counting down the days until the Jay´s would arrive.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait very long at all. The Jay´s arrived safe and sound, and was immediately added to my rig, replacing the Denon. The Denon 100th anniversary is a phenomenal player, even 11 years after its release. I had auditioned a Marantz SA-10 in my system a couple months back and after two days of playing with all its settings and filters I returned it as it was overshadowed by my 11 year old Denon in every aspect.

The Marantz is the Sonic equivalent of having blinders on and you can only look forward and are missing the world in its 3 dimensional expansiveness. The Marantz has no highs and absolutely no lows, it just focuses in an artificial way in the middle. The Jay´s picks up where the Denon leaves off and then some. Everything the Denon does the Jays does better. You want highs the Jays will deliver them. If the track calls for deep bass the Jays delivers it. Do you just want to kick back and sip some wine with some toe tapping tracks delivered as close to analog as digital will deliver? The combination of the Jay´s and the T+ will deliver just that. Just when you thought that the sound stage couldn’t get any larger, the Jay´s adds not only more width to the panorama but more depth as well. To sum it up, don’t walk to place an order, run to place an order for this dynamic owe it to yourself!!!

Credit: Lizbeth J. @ USA





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