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Pontus II has completely changed the sound

Kia ora

Thank you for your email. Yes, I purchased the Denafrips Pontus II from you.

While I have a fairly modest system, the Pontus II has completely changed the sound. My system is so much more musical than before and very detailed. It has proven to be a significant upgrade to my CD player, which I now use as a transport only.

Music is much more dynamic and holographic. Tonality is wonderful, and the way it can push forward vocals and instruments, when the recording calls for it, without any harshness or distracting smeared sound. I'm convinced now that DACs and CD players have all been wrong; there's a musicality I've never experienced before, and levels of detail that suck you into the music. Wonderful.

Thanks, ngā mihi

Naku noa iti, nā

Dori Orr @ New Zealand





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