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My buddy is so impress by Denafrips

Yesterday was the time to really improve my new DAC!

My buddy and also brother in law Pierre have a very fine hi-end system. All electronics including Lp player are made by the French company Jadis. The big's speakers are made by Pierre Gabriel Accoustic. I brought the Pontus to his home. Plugged the DAC was a bit tricky because we got all the wires of the Jadis DAC and also his own place. The wires was to short to stack the Pontus on top of Jadis. So we stacked the Jadis on top of Pontus. We put a rag to avoid scratches.

We began the listing with Jadis DAC with Tidal streaming. The sound was gorgeous sweet and Airy. After half and hour we switched to the Pontus. We never switched back until the end of session! The party began!

Compare to the Jadis DAC the Pontus have a very sense of timing, it play very accurate and all the things at its own place in the sounstage. Jadis do all that but with more meat to the bone, and more "finesses" but dont have this timing sense who sticked me on my chair and rocked me.

Pontus have a good analog sense to.o After listening to a few Lp and switched back to Pontus, we never have the shock of analog world to digital! My buddy is so impress by Denafrips that he wonder how a Gaia reclocker improve His Jadis DAC?

Thanks for all. 5 Stars!

Credit: Michel B. @ Canada





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