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It's amazing what this Ares XII th-I dac can do!

Here are my thoughts about this wonderful, amazing, little but mighty Ares XII th-I dac:

My setup:

  • Yamaha A-S 2200 amplifier

  • EverSolo DMP-A6 Master Edition - as transport with Beatechnik LPS-A6

  • B&W 705S3 speakers

  • QED Reference XLR and, coaxial S/PDIF cables

  • Isotek Sirius V5 power filter and EVO3 Premier IEC cables

  • Denafrips Ares XII th-I DAC

It's amazing what this Ares XII th-I dac can do! After the burn-in period, the purpose of which I fully understand, the sound is much more refined, rich, natural, detailed with a large and open stage. I find out, in this moment, without guessing, the place of each instrument in the scene and the timbre of the performer's voice is cristal clear also warm and silky...a real delight! I think that if this Ares dac is so good, what can the more expensive versions do?…Unbeliveble! It is amazing what a clean, rich and detailed sound this dac produces. Thank you for this Ares XII th-I, for the inspiration as well as the confidence that Denafrips brings to the HiFi market.

Congratulations for what you are doing Alvin and thank you from my heart for this priceless Ares XII th-I!

With friendship,

Adrian D. @ Romania





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