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Iris 12th DDC + Ares 12th-1 R2R DAC review

Iris 12th DDC + Ares 12th-1 R2R DAC review


  • Roon-RPI4/Ropiee->USB->Iris DDC->I2S-> Ares DAC->XLR->Macintosh C2700 tube preamp->XLR->Buchardt A700

I initially just bought the Ares12th, and compared to Platin hub WISA playback, both are about equal in detail and instrument separation, but the R2R has better depth layering, soundstage, body and fuller sounding vocals.

Later, I added the IRIS DDC; and this changed the ball game.

I didn’t know my system could sound so satisfying like this! The difference is in the clarity, richness and non-fatiguing realism. I think this is what reviewers keep saying “analog sound.” The tonality is still neutral (maybe tilted a bit to warm). In fact, the hub has more shimmer up top. But the Denafrips sound has more energy with sense of space and scale. It could be due to a lower noise floor, so now all sound elements seem to be scaled in loudness level (like adjusting image black level).

In general grander and punchier. Even though bass did not go deeper, it has more satisfying weight and control. Mid bass to high midrange is rich in timbre. Vocals image is more focused and textured. Highs is very clean and rolls off naturally, though this character may be influenced a lot by my 12ax7 tube.

Summing it all up in more cliches - overall result is me having more engagement to the music in a toe-tapping kind of way :)

Credit: Ferdie B. @ California





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