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I've not heard anything come close for realism at the price

My set up is a bit DIY and not very photogenic at the moment! I have an Allo Usbridge Signature which I use with Iancanada modules to make a streamer. It's battery powered hence my question about the clocks because I can't leave it on 24/7. It's had about fifty hours now and sounding good. I am an ex sound engineer (BBC film) and have worked in the HiFi industry previously so I'm a very critical customer :)

I also have a Trilogy 990 hybrid power amplifier and an Isol-8 power conditioner and KEF LS50s. I've done the best I can with a photo.

Most affordable DACs I have heard have a distinct character, often sounding artificial, fatiguing and mechanical compared to a good analogue source. The Pontus doesn't seem to have much of a character at all which is definitely a good thing and very much what I was looking for! Acoustic instruments and voices in particular have extremely believable textures. I sit down and just want to keep listening and that's the sign that it's doing an awful lot right.

I've not heard anything come close for realism at the price, and it's beautifully built too.

Credit: Simon @ UK




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