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I contribute the accurate phase resolution to the ARES II

Hello Alvin,

It’s been almost four months since I received my ARES II and I have logged many hours of listening to it since then. I’ve settled on the OS and Sharp Filter settings for my system. Enabling the Slow Filter adds a level of brightness that some may consider “detail” but I find it fatiguing.

I was listening to a variety of music last Saturday and during that session, I played a classic rock album by the American band, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Much to my amazement, I discovered one track on the album where the microphones on the drums were out-of-phase during the recording session! I would have expected the sound engineer to have caught it as it was very apparent.

Maybe I just didn’t notice it before but I contribute the accurate phase resolution to the ARES II. I believe phase accuracy to be one of its strong points. I may play the same track through my Jolida CD player one evening to test my theory!

Take care,

Lew P. @ FL USA





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