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I can’t be happier with the mind-blowing sound!

Hello Alvin,

Thank you for the prompt shipping. I did get the Gaia today, and hooked up immediately to the Terminator II. As I mentioned before, first I did not think the Terminator II 12th, was a noticeable improvement over the Venus II 12th. Then as the unit broke in, it slowly became better sounding with more detail than the Venus II. I kept doing side by side listening comparisons, and finally I became very happy with the Terminator II.

Now with the Gaia feeding it from my Mac Mini, it eleveted to yet another level. Of course, in my opinion, you have to have an amazing high-end sound system to fully appreciate the sound’s full potential. My system with the Denafrips include Genesis Dragon speakers, McIntosh MC611 mono-block amps, +SVS PB-16 Ultra subs. I can’t be happier with the mind-blowing sound!!!

( before the Denafrips, I had the iFi Pro IDSD Dac, and the Topping D90SE,- I thought they were sounding pretty good, until the Denafrips blow them away!)

Thank you for all, best wishes.

Gabor @ USA





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