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I am in love with the Pontus sound.


When I received the Pontus, I was very impressed with how heavy the unit is. The finish is sublime and out of this world.

When I plugged the Pontus instead of the Ares II, the first thing I said to myself oh boy! I hope I didn’t make a mistake😞but then I remembered what you told me regarding the burn in time. I kept the music playing for 72 hours and just this morning, I decided to listen to it again and oh my Lord! What a difference in sound the burn in makes.

I am in love with the Pontus sound.

Fantastic soundstage depth and very clear and transparent sound. Pontus is definitely a very refined dac and yes it sounds better than the AresII. I will recommend this dac to anyone who want to be involved emotionally with the music and not obsessed with measurements. If you are a vinyl lover like myself and on the fence of moving to digital, well do yourself a favor and buy one right away and start enjoy your digital music.

Thanks Alvin for great service and fabulous product.





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