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I am extremely happy with the products

Hello Alvin,

While I appreciate your request for photos and impressions, I'm afraid I don't have the years of experience to necessarily recommend one component over another. This is actually my first external DAC and independent transport. But I can say that I am extremely happy with the products and have heard detail in music that I usually only hear with my vinyl playback.

I certainly can endorse the quality of both Denafrips and Jay's Audio gear, and I can say that the customer service I have received is second to none. Though you are on the other side of the world, I don't get that feeling! I have absolutely zero regrets with my purchase and would do it all over again!!!

Attached is a photo of my system. My stereo turntable is on the left and my mono table is on the right. You can see the Jay's on the left and Terminator II on the right. I am using the Sommercable HDMI I2s as the connection between the Jay's and the Terminator II (I have a Tubulus Argentus I2s cable on order. I will let you know the difference it makes once it's in place). The rest of the cables in my system are Morrow SP4 XLR interconnects. Speaker cables are Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme. As of now, I do not stream any music. I listen only to vinyl or cd.

kind regards,

Craig B. USA





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