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Every bowed string and absolutely zero digital glare.

My time with the Pontus II has been thrilling, to say the least. I will have this DAC for many years to come. Coming from the Ares II, the Pontus is a huge step forward. The Pontus II does not roll off the treble like the Ares 2, instead it sparkles and extends. The Pontus comes alive after burning in, showing off its muscle. Dynamics abound with an immaculate 360 soundstage, precise transients and seamless PRaT (Pace, Rhythm and Timing).

Layers and Layers of vivid imaging with Deep, Taught and Fast bass. The bass is not as blooming or as slow as the Ares II, allowing the technicalities to shine through. Guitars crunch, Drums strike with authority and Cymbals strike with brilliance. The midrange comes through full bodied with Vocals being more upfront. Vocals really stand out with the Pontus II and the soundstage will have you feeling euphoric due to its airy and sparkling treble, which is far above the Ares II.

You are left wanting nothing, every nuance and instrument can be easily separated. Every breath can be heard. Every bowed string and absolutely zero digital glare. Pontus II is warm but also not lacking in analytics. I use the Pontus with the Iris DDC via iMac, streaming Roon through a Schiit Lyr 3 amp solely with IEM's. Some may assume that it’s over kill, but it's the most enjoyable and dynamic experience I've had.

GREAT DAC! BUY ONE!!! It's worth it. :)

Credit: Jeremy H. @ US





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