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Did I mention the WOW factor?

I thought I'd contact you directly about my sincere feelings about an Ares II I bought on the used market here in Canada.

I am floored by what I am hearing now. I enjoy a middle-range audiophile, 2-channel stereo system on which I listen to CDs and records almost exclusively. I am using a CD transport so a DAC is required. I have tried a few and I thought I had landed on the so-called "forever" DAC for me anyway.

As it happens I started researching for a change and after finding a very large number of positive reviews both on YouTube and articles online I thought the Ares II might be worth investigating. I decided to spend more than I had anticipated going into the search but here we are now.

Did I mention the WOW factor?

Every bit of what was recorded is coming through in technicolor now, in vivid and complete sound! I had a friend over and though she is not as avid a listener as I am she mentioned, without prompting by me, that the music I was playing sounded great. That is saying a lot for her to mention anything about the overall sound quality of what she was hearing.

Again, thanks for designing and building components of such high quality and making them reasonably affordable. We could not be happier right now. Making the music come to life is a noble act. One day I hope to try the next level beyond the Ares II or even further up the product line. I will have to start saving $$. =0)

With love and luck from Gimli, Canada.





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