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Ares 12th-1 + Iris 12th and the combination is just sublime

I have finally had time to listen a few hours to the Ares 12th-1 + Iris 12th and the combination is just sublime especially with DSD playback from my Lumin X1 (DAC bypassed/used only as streamer).

I have attached a photo of part of my system as I am running an ”active” (Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 5) and ”passive” system (Bang & Olufsen BeoVox S45) in parallel and it is difficult to get everything in the same frame.

The Iris is connected to my Lumin X1 (behind my integrated amp) using a Supra Excalibur Silver Edition USB 2.0. The Iris is then connected to the Ares using a Tubulus Concentus i2s Silver Cable v2.

The Lumin X1 is hardwired using a SOtM dCBL-CAT7 ethernet cable which is then converted to fiber optic using a Melco Audio ADOT Fibre Optic Media Converter.

I’m using an Ansuz Mains X2 Power Cord with the Lumin X1 which is connected to a PS Audio PowerPlant 20.

I’m using Wireworld Stratus 7 Power Conditioning Cords with both the Ares and the Iris and both are connected to a PS Audio PowerPlant 20. 

The Ares is connected to my Allnic T-2000 30th Ann Ed integrated amp using Supra Sword Excalibur ISL Rhodium RCA cables. The speakers I’m currently using are vintage Bang & Olufsen BeoVox S45 (interim solution until I have evaluated a few other speakers).

Credit: Alfred @ Sweeden





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