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A new level with the 1.4 Pontus II software upgrade

My system has reached a new level with the 1.4 Pontus II software upgrade

I went to one of my local jazz clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s called Yoshis. I saw the group ‘The Cookers’. They were rocking a very complex sound. It was dynamic and exciting. Just what I love about live music.

I got that same feeling on my system after I upgraded my Pontus II to the 1.4 upgrade. The bass was deep and solid. The cymbals really sparkle. The side whacks on the drums really had impact. The vocals had a smoothness that was missing for me in the 1.3 upgrade. Trumpets and Saxophones have that real feeling. No haze to the sound The overall sound has a realness to it I hadn’t experienced before.

It sounds louder. But when I used my sound meter on it, I was only reaching peaks of 91 db. It’s just so much more dynamic.

I haven’t fully broken in the sound. I have listened to only a dozen songs. I can’t imagine how much more it will get better after I put 50 hours on it for my break in period.

The 1.4 upgrade is highly recommended by me. I hope you hear what I hear from my system. Here is a couple of pictures of my system. And my speakers.

The system details

  • Pontus II DAC

  • Audible Illusions Modulus 3B preamp

  • Audio Research Classic 60 amp

  • Project 6.1 turntable

  • Roon Nucleus music server

  • PS Audio P12 power regenerator

  • Klipsch Forte III speakers

Isiah from California






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