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  • Ivan

A world-class DAC that will not break the bank - ARES II

“Whether it was listening on my home theatre set-up powered by 'separates', or my ancillary all-in-one systems (specifically, the KEF LS50 Wireless and LSX speakers), the Denafrips Ares II made an immediately discernible difference. The improvement in clarity was startling—every instrument sounded tighter and punchier, without becoming anemic.

The definition of bass notes was markedly improved, even with subwoofers that veered towards muddiness. Of the DACs and DAPs that I've used (admittedly more for headphones), including the Chord Mojo-Poly combo, the A&K Kann and Dragonfly Cobalt, the Ares II has made the most dramatic improvement in sonic quality.

A must-have for those seeking a world-class DAC that will not break the bank, especially for those who want to introduce more high end 'bite' to warmer-sounding speakers."

- Ivan


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